ISBN 13: 9781311053138

Publication Date: February 25, 2016

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Format: ebook

Authors: Amaris Laurent, Jonathan D. Alexanders IX

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From Amaris Laurent, the author of "Lady of Venus" and "The Crack of Uranus" and new author Jonathan D. Alexanders comes the story of Japan's slickest and most notorious mythological fox, as she returns home for another round of action and manipulation. This time, she's playing for keeps as she escalates the level of play and like a bunruku, she plays with her puppets, creating her own story that will turn all of Japan upside down.

This time around, her focus is on the latest yakuza action that started after two crime families, the Inato and Fukushima, restart hostilities after a long peace and fight for territory. A young, fiery gangster Kento Karahawa is conflicted between avenging his comrade and obeying his bosses for a higher position. Meanwhile, Japanese Detective David Hamada continues to chase him and his crew while clashing with his own frustrations and temptations. Hovering over him is his partner, elder cop and immortal samurai Hayashi Ohba. Knowing the full extent of his struggle, he stays with him to help him battle them while resisting his own urge to decapitate him so a hidden demon does not emerge from his body and bond with the kitsune lover she had left behind centuries ago.

In the midst of all that occurs, we are introduced to women who will throw a monkey wrench into everything going on with our main characters: tattoo artist and Yokosuka street queen, the half-Japanese, half-African-American Yuki Williams; Keiko Fukushima, the spoiled daughter of mob boss Daiichi Fukushima; teenage schoolgirl and erotic dancer Ayuko Fukai; and the mysterious Diamond Princess, who throws her hat into Japan's criminal politics.

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